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Hangzhou Innovation Center (Zhejiang University)

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      Amrock Pty Ltd
      TNO Energy Transition

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Welcome Message

SiliconPV is one of the most important PV conferences in the world. It will be held in conjunction with the nPV Workshop and bifiPV Workshop in Hangzhou on June 01-05, 2020, which will be one of the important PV events in China. In the last decade, PV in China has developed very fast. A lot of important companies related to polycrystalline silicon, silicon ingots/wafers, silicon solar cells and modules have appeared and have big influence on the PV industry in the world. In 2018, 155,000 t polycrystalline silicon, 107.1 GW silicon ingots and wafers, 85.0 GW silicon solar cells and 84.3 GW modules were fabricated in China. Meanwhile, 44.3 GW PV were installed in China in 2018, which was about ~41.5% of the total PV installation in the world. It is obvious that Chinese colleagues are looking forward to meeting the top experts in PV area from all over the world, for discussing the challenges in PV technology and the future of the PV industry.

Hangzhou, built ~2200 years ago, is the capital city of Zhejiang province, and is one of the famous cultural and historical cities. It is also one of the most charming and beautiful cities for tourists and has three “World Culture Heritages”, i.e. West Lake, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Liangzhu Historical Site. Meanwhile, Hangzhou is also a modern city, e.g. the headquarters of Alibaba are located here. In 2016, the Global Leader Summit “G20” was held in Hangzhou, and in 2022, the “19th Asian Games” will also be held here.

As the local organizer and chairman of nPV Workshop, I warmly welcome you to attend the 10th SiliconPV Conference, nPV Workshop and bifi PV Workshop 2020 in Hangzhou, China on June 01-05, 2020. I believe that you will really enjoy the trip to Hangzhou.

Hangzhou welcomes you! 杭州欢迎您!

Prof. Dr. Deren Yang
Local Host of SiliconPV 2020

SiliconPV是光伏领域国际上著名的学术会议之一。2020年,它和nPV以及bifi PV国际论坛一起第一次来到中国,也是2020年中国光伏界的一个重要学术会议. 在过去10年中,光伏产业在中国快速发展,从硅材料、硅晶体、硅电池、硅组件到安装应用,中国出现了一批国际上有重要影响的企业。在 2018年,中国生产了155,000吨多晶硅材料,107.1 GW硅晶片,85.0 GW硅电池,84.3 GW硅组件。同年,中国还安装了44.3 GW的光伏电站,约占世界光伏电站安装总量的41.5%。中国光伏届的同行们期望和国际上优秀的专家在杭州见面,一起研讨光伏技术的挑战,一起探索光伏产业的未来。


作为SiliconPV-2020会议的杭州承办方和nPV 论坛的主席,我热诚地欢迎你们来到杭州参加第10届 SiliconPV国际会议、nPV 和bifi PV 国际论坛。相信你们会有一个幸福而美妙的旅程。


教授 |   博士生导师

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